Toblerone’s Edgy Egg is An Oversized Geometric Chocolate Treat

Toblerone is known for its iconic triangle form, and chocolate with honey and almond nougat. They’ve been so known for their form that it’s unique to have them stray from it. Enter the Edgy Egg, an Easter-themed chocolate egg, featuring the faceted triangle shapes, but in a tasty egg form.

Via Dieline:



“The packaging design also takes strong cues from Toblerone’s signature peaks with a pattern of gold, green, and baby blue triangles on the box. A picture of the chocolate egg is on the front with two facets cut out, revealing the gold foil behind it. Interspersed are festive graphics such as rabbits, butterflies, birds, eggs, and flowers. The Toblerone wordmark along the bottom stands out in red against the softer, spring-inspired background.”