Tokyo’s Digital Greenhouse

A fantastical greenhouse has sprouted in Tokyo, and it’s probably the most psychedelic garden you’ve ever visited. Designed by studio PARTY, the seemingly normal greenhouse comes alive with sound and light when plants are touched, creating a symphony that generates an impressive experience.  The exhibit is called “Digital Vegetables”, or “DigiVege”.


But the trick doesn’t just end there. Seven types of vegetables have been planted, and each one plays a different instrument. So without too much trouble, you can create an entire orchestra of sound. From the project’s website:

‘Tomatoes are violin, carrots are trumpet, cabbages are oboe, mini radishes are flute, sweet potatoes are piano, eggplants are harp, pumpkins are clarinet’

digital greenhouse in Tokyo

The project is meant to be a conversation piece about agriculture, and the interactive nature of the exhibit seems to be paying off in a big way. The reaction from visitors has been extremely positive. Via CNN Edition:

digital greenhouse in Tokyo

Visitors are told to gently touch the individual plants to start the sound and light displays.