Toyota Teases Their Upcoming Compact Cruiser EV

Toyota is majorly late to the battery EV movement, and they know it. Having hedged bets on electric cars and toyed with hydrogen fuel cells for far too long, the behemoth is finally acknowledging the importance of EVs, and is trying hard to catch up.

This clever, boxy small SUV is their take on both their larger Land Cruiser, and their funky FJ Cruiser.

We like the geometric details and fun, adventure-ready design language that bring this car alive. The bright blues and oranges pop, while the chunky ladder, racks, and skid plates speak to the car’s off-road abilities.

We also appreciate the relative smallness of the car, in an era where vehicle size seems to be ever-increasing. Here’s hoping the Compact Cruiser sees the light of day before too long.  We welcome the emissions-free EV movement onto the off-road environment.