Unicorn, the Smart Scooter to Help You Tackle City Life

The last year was a very eventful one for scooters. Legions of small electric scooters were unleashed on cities around the US and the world, most of them pilot runs to see how well cities adopted them, and where services could be improved. Our hometown of Portland Oregon was jam packed with smiling people, zipping up and down city streets on Lime, Bird, or Scoot scooters. It was hard to fault the riders, the scooters provided cheap, silent, and quick rides to and from, all enabled by smartphone apps.

As the market for scooters is maturing, designers have begun thinking about how these modes of transport can be improved further. Enter the Unicorn, a clever and well-designed scooter that expands on convenience, safety, and utility.

With a unique elevated ‘deck’, the Unicorn allows a child to ride along with an adult, and also provides a space for luggage or other gear. Designers Ignas Survila and Darius Petrulaitis have worked hard to create a simple yet powerful scooter, one with a motor output of 500w, and a range of 85km, or 52 miles, which is more than double most of today’s current offerings. Combined with smartphone integration and magnetic charging, we’d say it’s pretty cool indeed. via Yanko Design: