Western Canada’s Beauty Comes Alive

If you’ve never traveled to British Columbia or Alberta, you’ve missed an incredible area chock filled with stunning natural beauty. Enormous mountain ranges, dense old-growth forests, and countless streams, rivers, and glacial lakes make up this wonderland.

Filmmaker Florian Nick spent many weeks traveling over 3,400 miles exploring the majesty of these two provinces, and thankfully, he does enormous justice with his film entitled Alive. Made from over 54,000 still photos, the resulting timelapse is stunning, full of rich imagery, jaw dropping vistas, sunsets, and some gorgeous aurora borealis.  We’re particularly fond of his points of view. At one point, a camera moves into a hollowed out tree, while capturing beautiful timelapse of the canopy above. In another, a camera pans around a view of a frozen lake, the rock outcroppings visible through the crystal clear ice. If Alive doesn’t awaken your desire for a trip to western Canada, maybe nothing will.

Ultimately, the filmmaker’s goal is to help raise awareness of this rich and beautiful land, promoting values of environmentalism and conservation. Great work. Via Sploid: