3D Printed Tiny House in Amsterdam

Your retreat home of the future might be small, and printable. At least, that’s the concept behind this Urban Cabin by DUS Architects. Created entirely with 3D printing, this miniature dwelling was set up in a former industrial part of Amsterdam to showcase the ability to quickly bring a structure (and accompanying property) to life.  The mini cabin is made from recycled bio-plastic, and at the end of it’s life, it can be entirely recycled and repurposed into something else.

The tiny property includes some lovely poplar trees, a plot of grass, and even an outdoor bathtub, making it a serene little setting, despite being surrounded by the clamor of a large city. A fascinating proof-of-concept, and DUS Architects plan to 3D print a classic Amsterdam canal house in the near future. We’re impressed, and eager to see where this technology will lead. Photography by Ossip. Via Arch Daily: