Plywood Pavilion for Herman Miller

Voted as this year’s World Interior of the Year by Inside festival, this sculptural plywood pavilion is certainly striking and elegant. Created by molding wood into an organic, faceted arching form, the pavilion is a showroom for Herman Miller’s line of office furniture. The display was built within a large furniture showroom in Singapore, and has attracted a great deal of attention since it’s inception. Studded details have given the structure the name Fabricwood, as reference to the appearance of button-tufted upholstery. Much structural engineering and design went into the final structure, and that process led to Produce Workshop‘s final product winning Interior of the Year. Via Dezeen:


The large swooping ‘wings’ of the wooden walls creates a focal point for the furniture showcase.


The “Fabricwood” is multi-faceted and meant to mimic the tufted design of upholstery.


The form gives the showroom a protected, ‘cocoon’ like feel.