A Biodegradable T-shirt Made of Plants and Algae

Vollebak is a company known for pushing the limits of materials and technology to absurd levels, to create items that haven’t existed before. Take their 100-year pant, a pair of $645 fireproof trousers guaranteed to last you a century of use. Or their Blue Morpho Jacket, made of over 2 billion glass spheres to reflect light the way a Blue Morpho butterfly does.  Needless to say, they commit to their designs and their visions, which we find fascinating.

Their latest product is a t-shirt made from plants and algae, using an industry-first algae-ink screen printing. Soft and comfortable, the shirt can be tossed in your compost pile when you’re done with it, and it will fully decompose within 12 weeks. With the fabric from the pulp of sustainably harvested eucalyptus, beech, and spruce trees, plus an algae color design that will shift hue as it is exposed to air, it’s a piece of clothing that feels alive. $110, via Uncrate: