A Very Wee Robot

Scientists and researchers at Georgia Tech have created a robot that is so small, it’s almost hard to see.

At only two millimeters in length, and weighing less than a teaspoon of salt, the “micro-bristle-bot” uses vibrations to move, and is being tested to see its future capabilities. It’s pretty astounding to see it compared in size to a penny, showcasing just how tiny it is.


Created using a specialized type of 3D printing, scientists were able to build the bot on the micron scale.


“As the micro-bristle-bots move up and down, the vertical motion is translated into a directional movement by optimizing the design of the legs, which look like bristles,” explains Ansari. “The legs of the micro-robot are designed with specific angles that allow them to bend and move in one direction in resonant response to the vibration.”