Apple Watch Ultra Built for Extreme Sports, Extreme Conditions

Tough timepieces are nothing new, with watches that have accompanied people to the depths of the oceans, the hottest deserts, and even the surface of the Moon.

But smart watches are new to the category. Apple announced their new Apple Watch Ultra this week, which features a ton of new capability in its chunky form factor.

Building upon the features of the normal Apple Watch, the Ultra is crafted of titanium, offers twice the battery life, and twice the brightness of past models. It also operates at temperature extremes as well as depth extremes, making it ideal for serious scuba divers, rock climbers, and even search and rescue professionals.

We’re especially impressed by the integration of great software design, including features like Backtrack, which can use waypoints and dual GPS to find your way back when you’re lost. A night mode turns the face red, allowing for easier nighttime visibility. And a high pitched siren allows for rescue workers to find you, should you find yourself in hostile terrain.

Available this fall for $799.



The Apple Watch Ultra also has sophisticated features and capability underwater.

“Designed in partnership with renowned underwater innovators Huish Outdoors, the Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra puts a bona fide dive computer on your wrist. Made for recreational scuba diving and free diving down to 40 meters, with all the core features divers need. It’s also refreshingly easy to use.”