BioLite FirePit Promises A Smoke-Free Campfire

We didn’t think the old-as-time fire pit needed updating, though we do agree that dodging a smoky campfire is a frustrating part of being out in the woods.

The BioLite FirePit adds a series of air jets to the standard fire pit design, resulting in a much more efficient and complete burn. In addition to being cleaner burning, the device promises to eliminate virtually all of the smoke that we’re accustomed to. It uses regular firewood, and you can also use charcoal, for a hibachi-style cookout.


The idea of adding bluetooth, phone-app compatibility to a fire pit makes us groan just a little. But we’re intrigued by the idea of a less smoky environment.


The BioLite lets you adjust the airflow, for a more or less intense fire experience. Via Yanko Design: