Bird Buddy is a Smart Feeder that Lets You Finally Snag That Clear and Crisp Bird Photo

For those of you that have tried – and failed, to capture photos of birds that live in your neighborhood, a new and clever solution is here to help you, and them!

Bird Buddy is a feeder with a built-in smart camera. When a hungry bird lands and begins to eat, the Bird Buddy recognizes the type of bird, and alerts your phone, letting you snap a photo and see the feathered visitor up close. ┬áIt’s an innovative way to get to know your bird species, while keeping the birds fed and happy.

The sleek and handsome bird feeder also has a microphone, allowing you to hear the birdsong of your visitor. The accompanying camera and app not only recognizes 1,000+ bird species, it encourages you to learn more about them. Pretty cool indeed.

Available for $165.