Black Tomato’s Boutique Get Lost Adventure

get-lost-moss and fog 1

You’re not quite sure what you’re going to get, with a company name like Black Tomato. We’re still familiarizing ourselves with the luxury travel company, but their new Get Lost Adventure Experience has immediately impressed us with it’s scale, creativity, and sheer lunacy.  Almost like something out of the movie The Game, Black Tomato will send you to a highly-remote and far flung corner of the globe, and have you survive on your own instinct and training. The moment you get off the plane you’ll truly be lost, and only when you reach your extraction goal will you be showered with a celebratory party.  You choose from different climates: Polar, Desert, Jungle, Mountain, or Coastal. The whole time you’ll be discreetly shadowed by an expert guide, to make sure you don’t kill yourself too easily.

It sounds like an incredibly decadent yet once-in-a-lifetime experience that just might be worth it. Learn more on Black Tomato’s website.

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