Carrara Marble – Straight From the Source

carrara marble moss and fog 1

That smooth marble countertop? The sleek white marble lobby that you recently admired? It all had to come from somewhere. That somewhere, in the case of Carrara marble, is the city of Carrara, in the northernmost tip of Tuscany, Italy.  The beautifully veined stone is prized for it’s light characteristics, and has been used since the time of Ancient Rome. Lately, Carrara marble has become more fashionable for interiors and kitchens. It’s warm yet modern looking, especially when paired with modern sensibilities.

German photographer Bernhard Lang has a fantastic series of a marble quarry in Carrara, showing the way the white stone has been carved away from the mountain, in slices and chunks. Taken from far overhead, the scale of the quarries come into scale. The giant marble slabs are seen stacked in big rows, destined for fancy applications, all over the world. Via Behance:

carrara marble moss and fog 2carrara marble moss and fog 3carrara marble moss and fog 4carrara marble moss and fog 5carrara marble moss and fog 6carrara marble moss and fog 7carrara marble moss and fog 8carrara marble moss and fog 9carrara marble moss and fog 10carrara marble moss and fog 11modern-kitchen-carrara-marble-kitchen-countertops-white-color-stainless-steel-pull-down-single-handle-spray-faucet-round-stainless-steel-bar-stools-grey-hardwood-flooring