Tesla’s Million Dollar Battery

You’d be forgiven for thinking a million dollar battery was crazy, especially when comparing this new Megapack to a pack of AA batteries from the store.

Tesla’s Megapack is a commercial and utility sized battery, capable of holding 3 MWh of energy in one unit. For reference, that’s enough electricity to power almost a thousand average homes.

When connected into large groups, the batteries become hugely powerful energy storage systems, helping entire cities keep the lights on, especially for power sources like solar and wind, that are usually only operable during the day.

Starting at just over $1,000,000, the batteries are actually quite cost effective, and provide clean backup power, especially in light of record heat waves, storms, and the like.

Learn more from Tesla’s website. 

“We took everything we know about battery technology to enable the world’s largest energy projects. A 1 Gigawatt hour (GWh) project provides record energy capacity—enough to power every home in San Francisco for 6 hours.”

“Every Megapack arrives pre-assembled and pre-tested in one enclosure from our Gigafactory—including battery modules, bi-directional inverters, a thermal management system, an AC main breaker and controls. No assembly is required, all you need to do is connect Megapack’s AC output to your site wiring.”