DKM 2.0 is a Low, Sleek Autonomous EV

Kazakh automotive stylist Vladislav Semenov brings us a sleek concept car called the DKM 2.0, featuring a low-slung design and a stepped, layered profile.

The overall concept is for a rugged, autonomous vehicle, one you might see traversing country roads and off-road paths in the year 2035. As an autonomous concept, you can imagine the passengers relaxing and enjoying the view as the car takes them into the wilderness.

The design feels well considered, with sleek, linear headlights that wrap around the front, with a matching linear taillight as well.

We like the integration of a slim luggage addition on the roof, which adds to the car’s off-road/adventure personality.

This is solely a concept, not from any automaker, but are impressed with the futuristic packaging, and overall appearance.

See more of Semenov’s work on Behance.


“Designed as a fully autonomous vehicle, the DKM 2.0’s visual aesthetic immediately stands out as unique. Its silhouette looks nothing quite like any other car. It isn’t as maximal as a sports car, or as minimal as today’s electrified SUVs. Instead, it’s a fusion of the two, relying on multiple forms stacked on one another that have been merged and simplified.

The car features a unique interior with seating designed more like a room than a car. Seats face each other, creating a cabin on wheels that allow passengers to socialize with each other as the car autonomously moves forward. The concept ditches the steering wheel and dashboard entirely too, in a bid to imagine what fully-autonomous vehicles can and should look like.”

 -Yanko Design

All images © Copyright Vladislav Semenov.