Dr. Bronner’s Gets Chocolatey, For a Good Cause

Dr. Bronner’s is a known and loved soap company, a unique family run operation that has as many quirks as they do styles of soap. They’re known for their simple yet effective soaps and washes, made with organic oils and iconic labeling.

They’ve now branched out into the world of chocolate, but with a very specific point of view, and a mission to make chocolate more sustainable, worldwide.

Their organic and fair trade chocolate aims to improve the conditions for farmers and the planet, with strict codes around labor, environmental and quality standards. Ā They referenceĀ Regenerative Organic Certifiedā„¢, where farms that were formerly pesticide-ridden are made healthy and whole again.

Their new range is called Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One Chocolate, and comes in the following flavors:

Salted Whole Almond, Salted Almond Butter, Crunchy Hazelnut Butter, Roasted Whole Hazelnuts, Salted Dark Chocolate, and Smooth Coconut Praline.Ā 

Read more on the story of how their stumble into the world of cocoa resulted in a range of new relationships, and ultimately, delicious, sustainable bars of chocolate.



“Dr. Bronnerā€™s saw an opportunity: Pair world-class Swiss chocolatiers with fairly-treated cocoa farmers practicing regenerative organic agriculture. We are proud to present Dr. Bronnerā€™s Magic All-One Chocolateā€”70% cocoa, all vegan, coconut-sugar sweetened, and perfectly balanced!”

“When we learned that many of the 800 farmers in our Regenerative Organic Certifiedā„¢ Serendipalm project in Ghana also grew cocoa, it seemed the perfect opportunity to work towards creating a Regenerative Organic Certified chocolate ā€” a chocolate good for farmers, the planet, and you.”





“An abundant world with fertile soil, thriving farm communities, and delicious dark chocolate. We call that Magic.”