Escape From It All With Your Own Pacific Northwest Islands

If $19,500,000 is a price your wallet doesn’t shriek at, perhaps Subtle Islands is for you. The rest of us can just watch in envy, of the two private islands, 75-acre property, surrounded by some of the most beautiful real estate in the world. Oh, and it comes with a tasteful 13,000 square foot main home, plus a 6,100 square foot equestrian barn, airplane hangar, and much, much more.

Located off of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, the property comes fully furnished and includes boats, vehicles, and a full staff. Via Engel & Völkers

The Subtle Islands are made up of the North Island, approximately 45 acres, on which is located the main house and ancillary buildings in a woodland park. The South Island is approximately 30 acres, a farm-like setting, and the site of the Barn, the Boathouse and Hangar compound, as well as the dock and other support structures.