Mind Blowing Time-lapse of Amsterdam Shows a City Alive with Movement

Amsterdam is one of our favorite cities on the planet. Dense, ancient, beautiful, and packed with culture, it’s a great calling card for The Netherlands, a place that we’ve come to love.

Native Amsterdammer Albert Dros has created a real love note to the city with his latest time-lapse, a stunning and vibrant film showing how alive and bustling the city of 870,000 residents is. Shot before the global pandemic put things into lockdown, it’s remarkable how many forms of traffic there are, from the famous leagues of cyclists, to the sheer number of canal boats.

Take a look at ‘Amsterdam – My Home’, and try not to get excited about travel again.

With this timelapse film I wanted to create something unique. I wanted to create a visual experience with beauty, flow and emotion. I want locals to be proud of their city when they watch this film, and tourists wanting to visit (even more). I put this all in a film packed with little details. There’s a big ‘fun facts’ list that can all be read on a dedicated page I created.

      -Albert Dros