Fairytale Woods in Romania

fairytale woods moss and fog 1

The lighting, the mystery, the somewhat spooky feel of this photo gallery by Monica Raduta has us excited. Entitled Garden Trip, it’s evocative of a fairytale, the way the dramatic light foreshadows events either scary or wonderful. The subject matter is also full of wonder, the old, knobby bits of lichen, the fungus in strange and interesting shapes, and of course the moss, bright and full of life. We’re unsure where exactly this series of photos were taken, but if it’s anywhere near the photographer’s home in Bucharest, we’d like to take a visit, and maybe even have a mysterious picnic in these woods.  There are many more beautiful images on her Behance page.

fairytale woods moss and fog 2fairytale woods moss and fog 3fairytale woods moss and fog 4fairytale woods moss and fog 5fairytale woods moss and fog 6fairytale woods moss and fog 7fairytale woods moss and fog 8