Foster + Partners To Help Design an Entire Indian City

Sir Norman Foster is at the very pinnacle of the world of architecture. Knighted, internationally well known, and able to take on huge, ambitious projects that other firms could only dream about. The new Apple headquarters comes to mind. As does the brand new Beijing International Airport. But designing an entire city from scratch, and a capital city at that, is a whole different level. Amaravati is a brand new city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. On the banks of the river Krishna, the city will be a strategic capital for the ever-growing nation, and one that incorporates great planning and innovative technologies into it’s design.


Foster + Partners has been instrumental in planning the backbone of the city, including the main legislature assembly and courthouse, as well as a number of smaller buildings throughout.  Smart zoning and city planning are integral to the project, including extensive use of solar electricity, an underground smart grid, and a “Citizen Happiness Index” to closely track the well being of the city’s population.


It’s not everyday we see a new, smart city being planned or built, especially in a huge country like India, who are battling major issues like pollution and overpopulation. Let’s hope Amaravati is a model from which future cities can be planned after. Via DesignBoom:


The city will feature a very healthy ratio of built space to green space, with a purported 51% green space and 10% water bodies as part of the design. Other high tech features include extensive use of biometrics, used everywhere from homes and buildings to in the tax system.