Giant Sequoia Skyscraper Concept

living inside tree moss and fog 1

It’s well known that Sequoia’s are some of the largest and most impressive trees on earth. Their size is legendary, and some can live to be thousands of years old. In a strange concept that borders on science fiction, Evolo talks about merging man with nature, with their Giant Sequoia Skyscraper Concept.  Imagine a man-made structure carefully built inside of a failing sequoia, a tree that is dying either to age or pests or fire damage. The skyscraper-like form factor would allow for many stories of habitability above ground, as well as below, utilizing an underground built space as well. The idea is strange and fascinating, a concept that investigates our relationship to nature, our ability to harness it, but also to potentially prolong it’s life. Learn more on Evolo. 

Living inside tree moss and fog 2living inside tree moss and fog 3Living inside tree moss and fog 4