GreenPee, A New Hemp Urinal To Prevent Urban Peeing

Public urination is a real annoyance in an urban city where lots of people drink and congregate. It’s smelly, dirty, and a general deterrent from the type of welcoming environment people want to spend time in.

These innovative eco urinals are made by GreenPee, and function more like an urban planter than a traditional urinal. Lined with hemp plants, the urinals offer some level of discretion, and don’t require any water to flush. In addition, they help convert the urine into organic fertilizer, and are odor free, thanks to the hemp filters.

Installed in Amsterdam, a famously popular place to drink and explore in, they’re a great alternative to, well, a public wall.

Via Dezeen:


Users urinate into the openings on the sides of the GreenPee planters, which have an internal tank filled with hemp fibres from the cannabis plant.

The tank is emptied when full, and levels can be checked manually or by using a smart sensor that sends a message when it’s nearly full.

Once emptied, the mix of urine and hemp can be used for organic fertiliser for the city’s parks, roof gardens and urban farms.