The Smog Free Ring Literally Puts The Concept of Clean Air On Your Finger


Smog is a major problem in the world, with many countries facing entire seasons now where the outside air in unhealthy for citizens to breathe.

In places like India and China, it’s a common sight to have a skyline obscured by smog and pollution. And even in wildfire-prone places like California, smoggy skies are becoming a norm.

Industrial designer and inventor Daan Roosegaarde wants to make that concept even more tangible.

His firm is the creator of the Smog Free Tower, an ingenious machine that uses patented positive ionisation technology to clean the air around it. They have been installed in city parks in different parts of the world.


But his concept goes much further than that. Indeed, the soot and smog that is captured by the tower is then compressed into a tiny cube, and sealed within a glass enclosure, creating a one-of-a-kind ring. That ring represents 1,000 square meters of newly cleaned air, and the purchase of it helps to grow the project further.

We love the ingenuity of this project, turning an issue like air pollution into something poetic and full of artistic value. In doing so, his studio is helping to educate and create a cleaner world.

Learn more on the Studio Roosegaarde website.


The SMOG FREE RING is made from smog collected by the SMOG FREE TOWER in Beijing or Rotterdam. By sharing a SMOG FREE RING you donate a 1000 m3 of clean air. It is used as engagement and wedding ring by couples all over the world.