Homeware and Furniture Made From Recycled Chopsticks

Cheap, takeout chopsticks are those disposable utensils that we rarely pay more attention to than our meal lasts.

However, every year, over 80 billion pairs of bamboo chopsticks are thrown out, which is a huge amount of waste.

Enter ChopValue. A Canadian company, they’ve taken the initiative to capturing that waste stream, and turn it into useful, beautiful home goods.

Based in Vancouver, B.C., the company has been gathering used chopsticks from various restaurants and vendors, cleaning them, and turning them into tables, cutting boards, desktops, and even board games.  To date, they’ve reclaimed over 78 million used chopsticks, and transformed them.

We appreciate the initiative, and also the look of the products, which showcase their chopstick form in end grains and edges.

Check out the impressive range of products on the ChopValue website.