‘I Miss My Bar’ is an Interactive Sound Experience to Replicate Your Watering Hole

We do miss our bar. There is a magic that’s created at a great bar, the atmosphere, the sounds, the company, and yes, the drinks.

While this won’t be replicated until life returns to some sort of normal, we can try. Maverick bar in Monterrey, Mexico, knows this all too well, and has a special page dedicated to giving your senses a taste of pre-pandemic normal.

Using a clever combination of sounds you can dial in to your liking, you can create a bustling bar atmosphere, complete with glasses tinkling, people chattering, rain on the window, and more. They’ve also created a music playlist to further the experience.

Check out I Miss My Bar to mix your own atmosphere. And for cocktail inspiration, check out a few of their bottled cocktails below. Via LS:

Via Maverick:

Hanging out with friends, deep conversations over Gin & Tonics, meeting great new people, the atmosphere.

Even though these things will never be replaced, at Maverick we’ve made this modern digital artifact to keep you company while this awful pandemic, which profoundly affects our industry throughout the world, finally passes and we can meet again safely.

Plug your device to a decent speaker set and use it as a background sound for your zoom parties, or just for your daily wind down cocktail at home.