Jack Nicholson’s Axe From The Shining Up for Auction

“Heeeere’s Johnny!” is the iconic, terrifying line from Kubrick’s famous horror film The Shining, as Jack Torrance chops his way through a locked door, with his wife screaming on the other side.

That scene, and the entire movie, has become one of Hollywood lore, ushering in a new era of psychological horror.

You can now own a prime piece of that movie history, in the form of the prop axe that Jack Nicholson used in the film.

With current bids at $60,000, the axe won’t come cheap, but imagine the conversation starter you’ll have. Just don’t go crazy on us, and start murdering your family.

Via Cool Material:

“The ax is housed in its own shadow box, accompanied by a few stills from the film. There’s also a letter from a few of the organizations in the know – NORANK Engineering, Engineers to the Film, Television and Entertainment Industry – dated June 8, 1989, and a certificate of authenticity from seller Gotta Have Rock and Roll confirming the prop’s authenticity.”