Knit Children’s Shoes Are Biodegradable and Eco Friendly

Children go through shoes quickly as they grow. A new pair may be upwards of $50-70, and may only last a couple of months. Not to mention the carbon footprint of the shoe’s manufacture and waste, when it’s thrown away.

Designer Shashar Asor imagines a smarter, more environmentally friendly solution. Her shoe is a one-piece knit design, made from biodegradable thread that can disassemble after a set period of time.

The concept is a clever one, creating a unique style of footwear that is also designed to harmlessly degrade after the child outgrows it.

From DesignBoom:

each shoe is made from one knitted piece that includes the upper part and the sole. as its expiration date approaches, the logo of the project appears on the left shoe, notifying the user that the pair will disassemble in the washing machine during its next wash. after it dissolves, the materials can safely biodegrade, leaving no harmful effect on the environment.