Coronavirus Food Masks

Please, please don’t wear a coconut on your face thinking it’s an effective face mask during a pandemic. But hell, since huge numbers of people in the US and elsewhere aren’t taking this deadly global virus seriously, perhaps a radicchio face covering would be better for them than nothing at all. And it’d at least block their obnoxious faces from view.

Indeed, as mask fatigue sets in, and the fall and winter season brings more people inside, cases of Covid-19 are already spiking, making this period of time one of the most dangerous ones of all. Please don’t let your guard down.

This art project is from Hej Studio in Copenhagen, exploring concepts for face masks that are less sterile than the hospital-grade ones. But again, this is art. Not condoning it for medical purposes. But if you have that idiot uncle that refuses to wear a mask, perhaps just sneak up behind him and slap a people of lettuce over his mouth.  Via DesignMilk: