Lake Baikal’s Mystery and Magic

Lake Baikal is by volume, the biggest freshwater lake on the planet. Indeed, it’s not the biggest by surface area, but contains 22% of the entire world’s freshwater, and the North American Great Lakes could all fit within it’s enormous depth.

Located in Siberia, it’s a frozen wonderland in winter, and creates the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot. Full of scenes that look directly out of the movie ‘Frozen’, it’s almost too picturesque to be real.

Artist and photographer Kristina Makeeva has a stunning collection of photos bringing costume and art to the natural setting, elevating the subject matter in beautiful ways. Her use of fashion mixed with nature is stunning, bringing the texture of the lake’s ice into play with a range of colorful costumes and arranged images.

We’d love to experience the magic of this impressive frozen place. Via InspirationGrid: