Live Edge Coffee Table With Stream Flowing Inside of It

We’ve seen live edge tables before, and even live edge tables that have blue epoxy that resembles water in them. But we hadn’t seen a table with a real flowing stream within it, and didn’t know it’d be possible.

But thanks to the ingenuity and building skill of Drew from Drew Builds Stuff, we now have.

His live edge table features a gap running down the length of it, modeled with rocks, moss and sticks, resembling a real forest stream. A pump system then brings water up from a reservoir, and through the table’s opening, creating a real, lifelike stream.

We see in the video below the process, which requires a lot of clever shaping and building. The final product features a plexiglass cover for the stream area, but we prefer it open, making it feel truly alive.

A one-of-a-kind table, indeed.