Luxurious Treehouse Makes Us Want to Hang Out Amongst the Treetops

We made a treehouse as a kid, and it was pretty fancy, by a 13 year-old’s standards. It had a trap door, and some window screen nailed up, as well as a very rickety plank to walk between trees. Designer and builder Guy Mallinson is trying to make us look bad, with his team’s amazing Woodsman Treehouse.

Costing well over $185,000 to build, the treehouse is a fully livable home, and beautiful, at that. Mallinson and his team went to great lengths not to harm the trees, but build around them, and incorporate their growth into the design of the treehouse. Some of the features included are a wood-fired pizza oven, a rooftop sauna and hot tub, an outdoor tree shower, and a large slide to bring you down quickly. It’s now part of an entire family of amazing treehouses called Mallinson’s Woodland Retreat, located in the UK, and all available for rental.

Below are some of the refined details of the Woodsman Treehouse, which would make a most memorable weekend stay, indeed.