Mercedes Benz Helps Blind Man Drive on Oregon’s Alvord Desert

Oregon’s Alvord desert is a sight to behold, an ancient dry lake bed that is as flat as it is beautiful. We shot a video there a few years back, and the place holds a special place in our heart.

So we were excited to see a new feature by Mercedes-Benz, who helped a blind auto mechanic achieve his lifelong dream of driving fast, in said desert.

blind driver on Oregon's Alvord Desert

Blind auto mechanic Bart Hickey and his son Brendan were sent to Oregon’s Alvord Desert, along with a bright green Mercedes-AMG GT R.

Watch the touching video below, to see Bart live out his lifelong dream.

blind driver on Oregon's Alvord Desert

And if you find yourself in Southeastern Oregon, make sure to check out the very beautiful Alvord Desert. Via Willamette Week:

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