Meticulous Miniature Homes That Sell for Major Money

$200,000 USD doesn’t seem too unreasonable for a home purchase. Until you realize that it’s sized for a small mouse or a hummingbird. Artist and craftsperson Chris Toledo specializes in exquisitely built and detailed miniature homes, specifically those in the Los Angeles region.

His work regularly fetches six figures, and is so realistic and detailed that you’d be hard pressed to see that it’s tiny, so he often photographs his work with full-size objects, like a bulb of garlic or toothbrush to show scale.

A native Angelino, Toledo was always mesmerized by miniatures, and started working in the medium decades ago, honing his craft, and perfecting the smallest of items to capture that realism.

Indeed, the tiny imperfections are often what lend his work the most believability. We see panes of glass with scuffs, sinks with chipped porcelain, and a well worn patina that make these miniatures feel lived in, and loved.  Created as special heirlooms for clients or for his own collection, Toledo works in all manner of architectural styles, albeit in 1:12 scale, even creating working lighting to bring the homes to life.

Check out his very impressive collection on his Instagram, ibuildsmallthings, and read more about his process on Architectural Digest.

All images © Copyright Chris Toledo