Miller Life’s Charming Gingerbread Dive Bar

Everyone loves a good gingerbread house, but maybe it’s time that traditional concept gets shaken up a bit.

Luckily, the beer brand Miller High Life has our back, with their charming and homey Gingerbread Dive Bar Kit.

If you’re like us, you’ve come to love a good dive bar, the ones that feel cozy and unpretentious, with low lighting and worn seating. Now you can build your own dive bar, including gumdrop lamps, peppermint bar stools, and a cheerful, mustachioed bartender. Supposedly the gingerbread itself is baked with beer, to give the whole kit a more bar-like feel.

It’s a delightfully silly concept, and has resonated well, selling out immediately after announcing it. They promise to restock their supplies, so that your socially distanced dive bar dreams can stay alive.