These Geometric Posters Should Really Get You Fired Up

Marion Pinaffo and Raphaël Pluvinage are French designers with a penchant for things that make a spark.

Their recent project is a series of geometric posters that when lit, create a choreographed pyrotechnic display. Using special fire-resistant paper, the posters look good on their own. But the path of the embedded gunpowder gives the artwork a whole new dimension.  A user lights the designs on one end, and can watch as the fireworks follow the design’s path, resulting in series of sparks, pops, and miniature explosions.

Sounds like the perfect gift for the discerning designer/fireworks fan in your life.

Via Colossal:

“Each poster is a little spectacle printed on paper. Combining several pyrotechnic powders, “Affiches Artifices” is a series of 12 poster.”