Minimalist Bible

There are many of us who have probably never picked up a bible, let alone read the various books within it. But the history and legend of the 66 books contained in the Bible are significant, and Pastor and graphic designer Joseph Novak has taken on the task of visually distilling each chapter into a single, beautiful poster. Pretty cool project, even for the uninitiated.

Via FastCo Design: Many of his posters broadly represent plot: the Book of Lamentations, for example, shows the destruction of Jerusalem reflecting in the pupil of an eye.

3027229-slide-01-genesis 3027229-slide-03-leviticus 3027229-slide-06-joshua 3027229-slide-9-samuel-01 3027229-slide-15-ezra 3027229-slide-18-job 3027229-slide-32-jonah 3027229-slide-38-zechariah