Moonwalkers Promise The World’s Fastest Shoes, To Speed Up Your Walking 2.5x

It takes a bold sort to say that you want to set out to improve walking.

That was the mission of the Shift Robotics team, and after years of prototypes, they have released what they call Moonwalkers, which promise to speed up your walking by 2.5x, which in essence is the speed of a run.

The Moonwalkers are strap on shoes with 8 wheels, each programmed to move at a specific speed. They are clear not to confuse these with roller-skates, as the walking motion is what sets Moonwalkers apart.

Check out the Kickstarter video below to see the Moonwalkers in action.

We’re intrigued by this technology, which promises ease-of-use, and smart technology that won’t throw you down a flight of stairs.

Would you buy into a vision that lets you walk twice as fast?