Moss Drapes from Trees in These Foggy, Storybook-Like Forests

The thick, overgrown forests of England are thing of legend, with stories like Robin Hood set in enchanted forests like the ones we see below.

Photographer Neil Burnell captures this magic with his photography that feels alive with mood and spirit, showing dense woods that are alive with moss-covered branches, the air thick with fog.

Impressive work, showing a love for nature, and the ability to capture it through story. See more on his website.

Images used with artist’s permission. 

“A mossy labyrinth of gnarled roots and twisted branches. Was I in Dagobah, a film set from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’? I can’t be. This magical place was Wistman’s Wood. Little was I to know the lasting impression this would leave me with as a young lad, as I find myself re-imagining how I felt, and how I could spread this awe and wonder through my passion for photography.

This hidden gem in the Dartmoor National Park has been fabulously challenging to capture, with four years of steely resolve to achieve images I can be proud of, images that convey the Mystical feeling of Wistman’s.”

      – Neil Burnell