Name Changing


So, in the last few months I’ve been blogging a lot. Inspired by artists, designers, technology, and nature, I have a lot that I want to share with you.  But since much of the content that I share comes from other people’s work, it’s only fair that I change the name of my blog. For a number of years, was the blog. And that URL will still send you here.

But starting today, the name of the site is changing to Moss & Fog. A little ethereal, a little abstract, it’s a name that I think represents me, my tastes, and my setting.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, we live in a verdant rainforest that is green all year round. A walk in the Columbia Gorge will bring you into a veritable temple of moss, with waterfalls cascading down sharp peaks,and fog drifting silently overhead.

So in that spirit, Moss & Fog is born.  You can visit and it will bring you here.  And I will continue to post a range of stories, from quirky art to inspirational design to stories of science and discovery. Indeed, there will be other site changes and improvements in the months to come.

If you’re seeking examples of my personal work and portfolio, please head to Thank you very much for your support!

-Ben VanderVeen