Nissan’s Caravan Office Takes the ‘Working From Your Car’ Concept Literally

We’ve heard of people using their cars as their personal offices, and automakers like Ford now have center consoles that turn their truck interiors into desk-like spaces for a laptop.  But Nissan has taken the concept quite a bit further with their Caravan design, which integrates a full slide-out working desk with ergonomic chair and monitor.  Their NV350 Caravan Office Pod has been thoroughly reworked to provide a mobile working environment for the Covid-era.

The van’s customizations are unique for their ability to conform to your working desires, from a rooftop lounge with sun umbrella, to the slide-out working space complete with Herman Miller office chair.

We’re very familiar with the countless camping modifications made to vans, and find it unique to have one made for the modern worker. Would you ever consider a vehicle custom made for remote work?

Via Uncrate: