Paul Allen’s Superyacht For Sale for $325 Million Dollars

The late Paul G. Allen was the co-founder of Microsoft, as well as the owner of the Portland Trailblazers and the Seattle Seahawks. His incredible wealth allowed him all sorts of luxuries, but one of his big passions was the sea, and his superyacht Octopus was quite the ship, indeed. One of the largest private yachts on the planet, Octopus is 414 feet long, has eight decks, room for 30 guests and over 60 staff. The dual helicopter pads allow for easy departures, and the onboard recording studio was used by Mick Jagger, among many others.

But despite external appearances of glam and excess, Paul Allen frequently lent the ship out to scientific and rescue missions. With an onboard submarine and glass bottomed observation deck, it’s quite the vessel. Paul Allen passed away this past winter, his yacht is currently for sale for the very reasonable sum of $325 million dollars. Via Uncrate: