SavrPak Keeps Takeout Food Fresh Longer, Preventing Food Waste

Takeout food has saved a myriad of restaurants over the last year, as the global pandemic forced many to switch to takeaway food from in-person dining. But most of us can agree that the food that gets to our houses isn’t as ideal as when it leaves the restaurant.

A clever product called SavrPak was invented by aerospace engineer Bill Birgen, and it’s made to keep food dramatically fresher, longer.  Who hasn’t experienced the disappoint of opening up a box of soggy french fries.  Using rocket science SavrPak eliminates the condensation that forms from hot food immediately packaged after cooking.

Delivering fresher and more delicious food is one aspect, but another is food waste. Making food that people want to finish means less food waste, which is another huge issue around the world. We appreciate how simple and seemingly effective SavrPak is.


Whether it’s french fries, chicken wings, or salad. Using the laws of thermodynamics, the frozen SAVRpak forces moisture from the air, traps it, and keeps it away from your food.”