Sobering Juxtapositions Show us Prosperity Versus Wartime

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in small problems and forget to keep a global perspective, to realize how fortunate most of us truly are. These very sobering and insightful juxtapositions by Uğur Gallenkuş give us a taste of that. Using matched objects and perspective, we see wealth, stability, and even opulence paired with the war-torn equivalent, all in one image.

Field of tulips next to enormous rows of automatic weapons. A lavish bathtub paired with a father bathing his daughters in a shelled out apartment. The trivial emotion of Lady Gaga’s Oscar win next to an injured girl in a hospital. So many moments that make you pause and realize, ‘wow, we have it really, really good’. At least that’s our interpretation. How do the images make you feel? Via Colossal: