Sony’s New e-Ink Watch is a Chameleon Fashion Piece

Sony isn’t trying to compete with the Apple Watch in creating a feature-packed piece of technology. Instead, it’s new FES Watch U is embracing the black and white limitations of e-ink, but to beautiful effect, all for the sake of fashion. Using the companion Sony Closet app, you can snap or upload any image, and it will transform the watch face and strap to match your style. Or choose from the catalog of fascinating styles, which bleed from the round face to the thin flexible surface of the band.


The result is a watch that fundamentally changes it’s appearance at the touch of a button. It’s a very clever and trippy effect, and something we somehow find refreshing, in the era of ultra-expensive and feature-packed devices.  It reminds of us the importance of individualism, and of artistic expression. Via DesignMilk: