Spray-On Dress at Paris Fashion Show Feels Particularly Sci-Fi

Fashion shows are no stranger to the absurd, the self-serious, and other ‘out there’ moments. ┬áSo in that sense, last week’s Coperni fashion show in Paris was no different.

But the ‘dress’ itself was. Model Bella Hadid came onstage dressed only in underwear, and a crew proceeded to create her garment out of thin air using a spray-on fabric from a company called Fabrican.

Over the course of 9 minutes, accompanied by somewhat ominous music, the sprayable garment was applied, almost mummifying the model. A designer from Coperni then proceeded to quickly shape the garment’s straps, trim the hem, and cut a slit in the leg.

The entire affair could be cast aside as a stunt, but it is genuinely fascinating to watch, and we wonder if this technology might eventually become commonplace, where your new pair of pants may instead come from a can.

Via The New York Times: