Sticks and Stones and Strings, Simple Yet Beautiful Art by Natalie Ciccoricco

When we first came upon Dutch-American artist Natalie Ciccoricco’s Art, we felt a slight pang of envy, for her having thought up such a simple yet elegant concept.

The more we examine and enjoy the unique pieces, however, the more we’re just happy they exist. Using seemingly found objects in nature, Ciccoricco binds then elegantly with colored thread, using geometric lines and rectilinear forms.

Simple yet beautiful arrangements, bringing a balance between nature and geometric craft.

Indeed, this current body of work was born out of the coronavirus pandemic, and a need to find beauty in small places.

While being under quarantine at home, I started creating embroidery artworks using materials found in our yard, on our deck or nature walks.

Exploring the juxtaposition between geometric shapes and organic elements, this series is an ongoing exercise to find beauty and hope in challenging times.

          – Natalie Ciccoricco


Really impressive use of a home quarantine, if you ask us. And work that feels modern but also thoroughly timeless and tied back to the natural world.

Visit her Natalie Ciccoricco’s website and Instagram for more of her work.

Images used with artist’s permission.