Svart Powerhouse Hotel by Snøhetta

Situated on the edge of a glacier above the arctic circle, the Svart Powerhouse Hotel is a circular shaped structure, a highly engineered yet minimal hotel, with a gorgeous backdrop. Built on poles to minimize it’s impact on the land, the Snøhetta-designed hotel was inspired by traditional local fishing heritage, but full of 21st century energy-saving technology. This northern Norway hotel will feature 360-degree views of the Holandsfjorden Fjord, and will surely draw interest to this fast-changing part of the world. Climate change is occurring fast at the arctic circle, it’s nice to see sensitive architecture come into play in this fragile part of the world. Via Uncrate: 


The cycling trails near the hotel take in the vastness of the Holandsfjorden Fjord, and the nearby glacier.

In collaboration with Arctic Adventures of Norway, Asplan Viak and Skanska, Snøhetta has designed “Svart” the world’s first Powerhouse hotel, at the foot of the Svartisen glacier that runs through Meløy municipality in northern Norway. The hotel is situated just above the Arctic Circle.

“Svart” is the first building to be built after the energy positive Powerhouse standard in a Northern climate. Not only does this new hotel reduces its yearly energy consumption by approximately 85% compared to a modern hotel, but it also produces its own energy – an absolute “must” in this precious arctic environment. The hotel will also become the world’s northernmost Powerhouse building.


An elegant, elevated structure of beams keeps the hotel afloat, while minimizing impact to the ocean floor.


Located above the arctic circle, the hotel will be perfectly situated for some impressive

Powerhouse is a collaboration between Snøhetta, Entra, Skanska, the ZERO Emission Resource Organization and Asplan Viak. The term “Powerhouse” is used to describe so-called “plus house” buildings built by the Powerhouse collaboration. “Plus houses” are energy producing buildings that, in the course of a 60 year period, will generate more renewable energy than the total amount of energy that would be required to sustain daily operations and to build, produce materials and demolish the building.


The hotel’s energy harvesting power and smart design means it will use 85% less energy than a normal hotel.


The Svart Powerhouse Hotel from above the Holandsfjorden Fjord.


A diagram showing the location of the Powerhouse hotel.