Tel Aviv’s New Bauhaus-Inspired Tower

In sun drenched Tel Aviv, Israel, high rises usually keep their cool with industrial A/C systems and thick glazing on the windows. Soon, they’ll be able to welcome a more distinctive and symbiotic building to the skyline. The Tel Aviv Arcades is an 18-story tower standing 116 meters tall, each apartment adorned with Bauhaus-style arches and terraces.

It provides the residents with an amazing amount of shade and privacy, and room for foliage. We’re fans of the design, which cuts a striking profile, and also sets itself aside from the legion of glass cubes, taking over cities all over the world. The materials are modern, but used in a way that harkens back to a more distinctive era. Design by Penda ArchitectsVia DesignBoom:


“In a way the terraces are a vertical neighborhood and they reflect the positive atmosphere of the life in the city.”