‘The Original Funky House’ For Sale Outside of Seattle

One man’s funky is another man’s charming, at least with this newly listed home for sale in Kirkland, Washington. Dubbed “The Original Funky House” in 1974 when it was built, the unique floor plan, reclaimed materials, and beautiful location make it pretty damn appealing.

Passive solar architect George Reynoldson designed and helped build the home, and it was a pioneering example of green building in the 70s.

Built almost entirely using reclaimed or recycled components, it certainly was forward thinking for the time.

Located on a community pond and surrounded by large evergreens, the house also has a famous past, as it was the home of Nancy Wilson, founding member of the band Heart.

The 2,490 square foot home is around 20 minutes from Seattle, and is listed at $1,200,000. Via Curbed: